Snapchat Score Debrief 2017


If you have not already become ferociously curious, if not furious, about why your Snapchat score is so undefined, then you are likely approaching that moment of wonder. More likely than not, you are viewing this post because you have some understanding about what your Snapchat Score is but still have several questions. What does it mean? How do I increase my Snap score? Can my Snapchat Score decrease? To the best of my abilities, I will reduce the heartache of constant research with these simple answers from a few trustworthy sources, including Snapchat themselves!

So starting off, what is a Snapchat Score? For those of you curious, you may reach it by opening the application and visiting the camcording screen, where you would normally take a Snapchat. Upon doing so, slide down on your screen to show the hidden menu from the “top” of your Snapchat app. As shown bellow, you should find a somewhat hidden number. This number is your Snapchat Score!


So what does it exactly represent? Obviously, nobody truly knows. Within Snapchat’s support section, we are told that the Snapscore is simply the solution to a special equation that combines your total number of Snapchat attributions. The vague statement right? Well, obviously, this number is known to represent the sum of snaps that you have both sent and received, including your story contributions. Although this may be true, take a look at the raw statistics of your snap numbers. In order to find out how many snaps you have sent and received, visit your Snapchat history page and in the center of the top green bar.
Take those numbers and add them together. Upon doing so, you will find that your total score various a lot more than your announced score. Why is this? According to Business Insider, Snapchatters have reported having carefully examined the point system during operation. Theories suggest that you receive a single point for each snap you send or open. Also, if you snap to a group of friends, you still only receive one point. Videos have also been reported to be valued up to 3 points. Nothing is set in stone but as of today, you can safely assume that as long as you are the host of an engaging Snapchat account, which is used for both entertainment and communication, your score will continue to increase at an acceptable rate! Other than that, you will find nothing more than theories.
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-Image from Pixabay

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