Carefully Choose who you Spend Time With, They will Determine your Future


What have you done in the past 24 hours to better your life? Not only physically or mentally, but socially. In order to live a life that accepts nothing less than improvement, you must start but removing the obstacles that you have control over. Think of life as a video game. No matter what difficulty you play on, the reward for completion is the same. With that in mind, it only seems right to remove challenges by playing on the easiest difficulty in order to achieve your goals. Now this obviously does not apply to every aspect of live. Sometimes a challenge on the “road less traveled” is better than following the crowd. Although true, for the advice I’m about to elaborate on, a different concept must be applied.

We all have distractions but there is absolutely no reason to blame them for doing their job. What would life be without people in the world trying to bring you down? What would live be without jealousy or envy. No matter where you stand as of today, I challenge you to harness this surplus of energy in order to better yourself. Pin point your greatest distractions in life. If you truly want to achieve success, you should be willing to cut these people or material objects out of your daily routine in order to make yourself that much better. I cannot preach enough that you must be careful of who you allow in your life. Whether you admit it or not, everyone that you talk to influences your life in some way or another.
With that being said, if you realize that someone is not adding a positive element into your life, you must find the will to gratefully push away from them. It is much harder than it sounds but it will make the greatest difference in your life. For example, although I’d hate to get personal, here is a scenario of my life that I had the opportunity to witness on first hand.
Two cousins, closer than blood brothers, grow up to fairly similar lifestyles, but in two different neighborhoods. One, on the more modern and goal oriented side while the other leans more towards a lifestyle of complacency. Although they both had the choice to choose who they hang around, each made the choice to hang around a separate crowd. As you can imagine, one chose a lifestyle of knowledge, education and goal setting. The other.. a life of making ends meet by means which are completely opposite of the ideal life. The result? One cousin heading down a path of hardship, struggle and complacency while the other is focusing on starting his own business as a freshman in college.
Having both grown up with equal opportunity, tell me what went wrong? One was strong enough to cut out the people who did not intend to do something with their life. The other simply refused to recognize their situation until it was too late. The moral of the story and this entire post? Do your life a favor by identifying your surroundings. If the people you spend the most time around are not making much of their life, they are indirectly dragging you down. Spend much less time around those people and more around friends that are constantly pushing you to accomplish your goals!
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  1. You’re very inspirational, Tracey! I love your messages here and the urgency you’re pushing to not only better oneself, but to also surround oneself with the people who have the most positive influence. Your example was perfect and portrayed the points that were needed to highlight your invaluable messages. This is my favorite post of yours, yet. 🙂

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  2. This is absolutely true. If we want to change our lives, we need reevaluate the people who are around us. Phrases like “But he is my childhood friend” or “But she is family” are excuses for those who think that change is just an idea. Yes the idea of changing is appealing but the reality is much harder. People have to go along with situations that they do more harm than good. Thank you for this excellent post!


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  3. So very true, and it goes for all aspects of life. Physical health, mental health, motivation, professional success, family dynamics…everything is influenced by those people and things that have our time and focus.

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