Working for the Numbers will Drive your Dreams into the Cement


Choosing and establishing yourself within a career is not always a two step process. Many people grow up with the mindset that if you want something, go do it. Although this remains true, it does not apply to every aspect of life. One of which would be business.

Business is almost never an overnight task so you can forget your Vegas dreams. No matter the field of work you decide to enter, you must put forth the effort in order to get the results you desire. Many people fail to do so when attempting to make a living off of their skills, hobbies or interests because they simply refuse to work hard.
The main principle that you should always keep in mind is a simply rule of thumb. Never chase the money. As an entrepreneur, businessman or typical employee, one of your biggest focuses and motivation may possibly be the numbers. We all wouldn’t mind to get paid more than we do now. Although we should stay hungry, we should not blind ourselves to the reality of how the system operates.
Quality will always shine brighter than quantity. In other words, no matter what you do, focus on the quality first. Without putting forth the amazing service or product that you advertise, you will never grow your business as organically as taking the “slower” approach of striving for perfection. Even if that means working for a period of time without pay, as long as you have the mentality to do something better than others, the money and compensation will always follow!
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  1. The money will come later! The key is to provide as much value as possible and focus on getting better and the money will pour in down the road! Great post!

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