Talent should always Trump Seniority

Sadly, age plays a major role in our society. To become a US president, you must at least be thirty five years of age. For many organizations, you must have been a member for a certain amount of time before seeking promotion. Even driving age has say in who has “matured” enough to be held responsible for the dangerous task. Despite countless age restrictions in our lives, although some necessary, you should never hold yourself to a lower level than someone with years of experience under their belt.

It does not take much to become the underdog in your field of work, whether it be a sport or job position. Some people are naturally cut out for a specific job and cannot be ignored. This someone is most likely you! We all have talents that are unique to our body which can not be hidden. Sometimes we have to find the strength within us to actually claim the skill and make it known. Although it is not always a good idea to be arrogant all the time, sometimes you may want to wain away from your humble side of life.
In other words, if you have been told countless times that you have a true passion or talent that stands out, don’t be afraid to capitalize on it. If you’re a freshman on a football team, which is ran by seniors, are you going to keep your true potential bottled up for three years? Of course not! You are going to give your all in order to be noticed! Chances are you are better than that person with the additional 3 years of experience. Age is just a number and should never be overcome by seniority!

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-Image from Pixabay

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