Sacrifice the McDouble for a Book


Although short & sweet, I write this post in order to open the minds of some of you. Many people in this world, despite social class, ethnicity or level of wealth, struggle with one simple concept. The concept involves how you rank daily activities, more specifically your purchases, on a height of priority.

Tai Lopez, owner of one of the largest book clubs, made a great statement on one of his many live streams via Periscope. He made the statement that “learning is earning”. As a successful entrepreneur and mentor all across social media, he is always questioned as to how exactly he became wealthy. He always answers by stating that he reads a book a day, not simply to be “that guy” but instead to set the premise of success for himself and his viewers.
Although we all want to make money, we must first learn what it takes to do so. Books provide us with some much hidden and untapped knowledge. The problem? Nowadays nobody wants to read. We often even result to come up with excuses as to why we can’t start reading more. Hinse the title of this post, a common excuse is that “Books are expensive,” or “I haven’t set the money aside to buy new ones”.
Properly assessing your priorities is a necessity to living a prosperous life. As demonstrated in one of my previous blog posts that teaches how to create a budget, many of you would rather waste $1000 on coffee rather than investing in our own knowledge. Don’t believe me? Check out my former post on the average consumption of coffee.
I’m not singling out coffee drinkers because I myself also indulge in caffeine ever now and then, but the point is that we should prevent this from happening. Even if it means sacrificing your daily McDouble so that you can “afford” a book, you must start somewhere!
-Image from Pixabay

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