The Secret to Optimizing your First Impression


Whether you are going to a job interview, blind date, and even networking at a conference, making sure to give out a natural but strong first impression. As you may already understand, the first impression is an essential tool when building beneficial and everlasting relationships. There are several aspects that should be taken into account, like speech and attire, but one stands out among them all. The handshake.

It does not matter who you are, a solid handshake will always leave a great first impression. When networking, there is nothing worse than meeting someone who has not mastered the art of the handshake. There are two key aspects that should be taken into account when giving your introductory handshake. One, more obvious than the other, being the literal handshake itself.
No matter your gender, a firm handshake says a lot. You don’t necessarily have to be the strongest, although this miniature competition often takes place between men, but instead you want a handshake that gives off a stable and established impression. Doing so will also disguise any uneasiness or nervousness that lies within. Let’s face it, everyone gets butterflies here and there. Whether you have them or not, a firm handshake will surely hide any emotions that show signs of weakness.
The other key trait to a powerful handshake is eye contact! As simply and self explanatory as it may be, many people often fail to utilize this aspect during casual meet and greets. All you have to do is give yourself a mental reminder to hold steady contact during conversation, no matter how awkward it may initially feel.

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-Image from Pixabay


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