Undiscovered Social Networks: Truth of Tsu


Who wouldn’t want to be paid each time they take a new Instagram selfie or publish a new tweet? Obviously, if you are human, you wouldn’t mind and may actually be intrigued by this thought. Luckily, there in fact exists a Social Network that is willing to compensate you for your social media lifestyle or, more realistically, addiction. This network, having coined the name “tsunami”, is known as tsū. I honestly have mixed feelings in regards to the Tsu community, but before sharing my opinion, it is only right that I give a background of the Social Network’s original intentions and motives.

What is Tsu?

Pronounced “sue”, tsu is a fairly new social media network, established in 2013, that focuses on giving back to its users. Tsu is an invite only platform for various, coherent reasons. One of their most attractive traits being their unique compensation plan for users.

User Compensation

Tsu has built its reputation off of giving back by helping many charities and organizations grow. No different from the way Facebook generates tons of ad revenue daily, tsu does also. On the other hand, instead of keeping 100% of the ad revenue, tsu gives 90% back to its users and charities, keeping only the remaining 10% for the further development of the site.
After being invited to tsu, you will go through a profile creation process no different from any other social site. Tsu stands out from other social networks because they compensate you for the ad revenue that you generate. In other words, owning a posting to your tsu profile is no different than running a YouTube channel that is approved for monetization. Rewarding both users and charities with the money that they deserve is one of the sole purposes for tsu’s creation.

Family Tree Payment Distribution

When you Join tsu, you become a member to the family tree of whomever invited you. Let’s say you invite a friend who then invites one of their buddies. The following is a simplified explanation of the how payments are distributed:


User A invites User B, who invites User C, who invites User D
$100 of earned revenue is generated based on the content user D shared.. 10% ($10) of that will be given to tsu itself, while the other 90% is distributed among the family tree members of User D.
Half of the 90% or 45% is given directly to the original poster of the content.
The remaining 45% is split down the line, with User C receiving more than both User B and A.
– User C gets 33.3% (1/3) of the original $90 generated. In this case, $29.70
– User B gets 11.1% (1/3 of 1/3 = 1/9) of the original $90 generated. In this case $9.99
– User A gets 3.70% (1/3 of 1/3 of 1/3 = 1/27) of the original $90 generated. In this case $3.33

Tsu created, explained, and named this Algorithm “The Rule of Infinite Thirds

“Monetization for new Channels follows the standard mathematics of a basic post where the content creator receives 45% of the economics created by that post, and then another 45% is distributed to the social network that brought that creator to tsū . Please note, that content in successful new channels will monetize to a far greater extent than standard posts since these channels will be front and center on tsū (higher viewability means increased monetization)”


Personal Opinion

In order to reassure any skeptics of the reality of the site, tsu is definitely legit. The compensation plan works as advertised and deposits your earnings into your account at the end of everyday. On the other hand, the user experience currently lacks in overall quality. At the moment, a fairly sizable portion of the entire social network’s user base should not be considered real users. Although, the accounts are all technically ran by real people, the majority have joined for the wrong intentions. Tsu is an environment originally created to provide its users with a fun, interactive environment with the bonus of user compensation. Contrary to the fact, people have attempted to abuse the network by seeking to spread comment spam in order to boost their profile earnings. It is not uncommon to publish a post and receive multiple comments saying “nice.” or “exciting” no matter your content. This can proof to be very annoying!
Besides that single setback, I feel as though tsu is honestly a well designed social network that definitely stands out of the crowd. In the near future, I am most certain that they will take care of the problem with spam, but as we speak it remains a pestering issue. Dispute that flaw, the social network is overall fairly attractive and definitely deserves to be checked out. Feel free to follow me on tsu and leave a comment below of your first impressions!
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