Ultimate Guide to Greatness


Greatness is not always literal but can also be figurative. We all have various things at which we are better at than others, so much that we may even be great at. The main question that gets asked day in and day out is how exactly is it possible to make yourself great at something. In other words, what’s the key to strengthening one’s weaknesses. For career seekers, this occurs when approaching an occupation with a lot of potential that you don’t actually know anything about. Like many other traits that lead to a successful lifestyle, you must start with a change in mindset.

Take a blogger for example. They have all once struggled with choosing a niche that benefits their specific target audience while also being interesting. Many people try to hop into the most popular niche and loose interest and motivation because they realize that they know nothing about the topic. Although this must be taken into consideration, similar situations should not overcome your judgement as to what exact path to go down. Essentially, you should have confidence in yourself, no matter your skill level.
The truth about life is that no one is born a master at what they do. Everything requires experience and time to learn. The same applies for whatever career you approach or niche you choose to blog on. Start with the mindset that you do not need to be an expert at what you do. Trust that with good intentions and dedication you will achieve greatness in whatever you do, even if you’re not exactly an expert at the moment. In the words of Cynthia Jamin and John Lee Dumas, “Fake it till you make it”!
Take real estate for example. We all have some form of understanding that real estate is an extremely profitable business. The fact of the matter is that, no matter how much we study and read on the subject, we will never be able to be great until we actually go out and do. Taking action and gaining hands-on experience is the only way to develop a sense of expertise in anything we do. In other words, gaining experience is the ultimate way to achieve greatness in what you do.
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  1. Taking action is always scary in order to meet goals and make dream come true. I love your no nonsense approach! Excellent points as always.

    I LOVE your blog design! So much easier to find info here, and its very classic and elegant. xo

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