Note to Self: Tackling the Day

Going by the title, you may be wondering the purpose of this post. I’ll inform that this is not a simple note to self or typical blog post. By typical, I mean that I’m not going to be talking about me. Instead, I feel that it’s only right to share a personal note to self that I find can help everyone, especially fellow college students.
In order to avoid clouding your mind with irrelevant thoughts regarding the subject, I want you to think back as to how you woke up this morning. This includes the time of day, your mood and overall mentality. As a college student, I see a highly repetitive motion that students go through that is everything but productive. The main culprit being the time we spend laying down before hopping, or in this case, crawling out of bed. Sure its good to have a day or two of the week when you are mostly free of obligations, but we all have taken advantage of these times.
The average college student has a reputation of doing at least one of three things day in and day out: procrastinating, partying, or sleeping in. More likely than not, you will find people doing all three! In order to remove any possible tension, I’ll start off by saying that if you party, you are not a bad person. You must simply learn how to be responsible.
We all have priorities, and chances are that the party that you are thinking about attending has no true significance. It’s one thing to celebrate a birthday or a tough win with a sport, but what exactly is a weekly party accomplishing? Essentially, it’s an organized waste of time. I’m by no means against parties, but you have to grow up at some point. Before going out at night, consider what obligations that you have. Do you have class on Friday? Maybe, but maybe not. That’s besides the point when you take into account the other two “college student habits”.
Sleeping in and procrastination, although their own entities, work hand in hand. Procrastination lacks the need of an explanation, we all do it. It is the act of avoiding an important task until the last minute.  Alternatively, sleeping in gives rise to a major problem among both college students and society as a whole. We feel that if we don’t have plans, nothing is wrong with catching up on a little sleep. The truth is that you are still procrastinating…just indirectly. If you think back to my previous blog post “Early Bird Guide“, you will be reminded of how much time out of the day we waste by waking up at 9 a.m. This occurs with just about every college student, looking at realist trends and motives. In the typical student’s mind, if they do not have class until 10 a.m., they have the opportunity to stay up unusually late and wake up by 9:30, still being able make it to class on time. There are much better ways to approach college that will make you more productive in the long run. Even if you aren’t in college, ask yourself if you are living a similar lifestyle. If you do in fact find yourself struggling with the same problems, seek out the know-how in order to get the most out of your day!
-Image by Pixabay

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