Optimize your Blog with Pillar Articles

All bloggers, no matter the niche, should have some understanding of the power of pillar articles. You may or may not already be using them, but once you get a deeper understanding of their function and use, your blog will enter a whole new level of sophistication.
A pillar article is not simply a single blog post, but rather a miniature network of content within one’s blog. Essentially, a pillar article refers back to a previous or equally relevant post that may not have exactly belonged within the original blog post. As confusing as it may sound, it is a lot easier than you may imagine. In the most basic terms, a blog post becomes a pillar article when it directs its readers to another post, most commonly through the form of hyperlinking.
The Benefits
Pillar articles are one way give your audience a reason to stay! By indirectly referring your readers to another relevant article, you may have the opportunity to answer another question that they may have forgotten that they even had. On top of the reduction of bounce rate and increase in page views, pillar articles can also serve as a great marketing tool. For example, picture this situation:
A new viewer has just Googled “How to Create a Blog” and is directed to your blog for the first time. They are new to the realm of blogging and take interest in your blog posts. During their exploration, the viewer stumbles across a term that they have no knowledge on. Say the phrase “niche blogging” is what they don’t have a great understanding on, but luckily you have hyperlinked this to your older post that explains the process.
Naturally, the same process may occur repeatedly throughout several pillar articles until that one new viewer has stumbled across your personal web hosting recommendation. More likely than not, you have affiliate connections to your hosting recommendation. The result? Your site has just generated 20 additional page views with the addition of a sale off of that single person. Without your blogs implementation of pillar articles, that very same viewer may have left your blog after reading the initial blog post!
How to Create Pillar Articles
The creation of pillar articles should not require much thought and usually will come naturally. As long as you know how to hyperlink an article within your blog post, you know how to turn an ordinary post into a pillar article. DO NOT get carried away with the process in hope of building your site’s view count. It simply will backfire if you try to include every article into a single, irrelevant post. As mentioned above, you should only naturally create these articles. If your blog is closely related to your overall niche of choice, then you will more than likely be talking about similar topics. As a topic from a previous post gets mentioned within one of your newer posts, make the conversion into a pillar article. It will save you time from reexplaining the old article and will allow you to redirect your audience for another short read!
Did you identify whether or not this blog post was a pillar article itself? Like, subscribe and let me know in the comments below!
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  1. I appreciate your creative writing. Very well said.So you mean internal linking of blog posts is the way of creating pillar articles if my understanding is not wrong. Internal linking should be done in a strategic manner to engage the audience and not in a manner to distract them.

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