3 Phases of Consumer Mentality


No matter what realm of business that you reside, your main focus will be sealing a deal between you and your consumer. Before mastering your sales pitch and perfecting marketing techniques, take a step back in order to study all of the moving parts within the process. Fundamentals are key and by opening your mind to take into account the 3 phases of your consumers mentality, you will reward yourself the ability to reinforce the foundation of your business.

1. Research

The first step that many potential customers take is actually looking to develop an understanding of your product or business. In regards to an online business, this is essentially the experimental phase of your visitors,  during which they will either continue to read or simply exit your site. In order to lower the percentage of viewers that leave your site, which is also known as the bounce rate, you have to focus on the overall quality of you website and its posts. This concept applies to both bloggers and product reviewers. The research phase of your consumers is also the best time to provide them with the opportunity to subscribe to an email opt in list.

2. Decision

Secondly, your audience is going to encounter a more important frame of mind after learning about your business. Although you may preach of your beliefs within your site, the nature of man is to become skeptical to things that seem too good to be true. In order to wean off this mentality, you must display a sign of neutrality. In other words, avoid showing any form of bias towards your niche and goal. You can do so in various ways, each more or less appropriate depending on the occasion. If you run a product review site, don’t simply create reviews on products that you enjoy; instead create a healthy balance of reviews on both products that work and those that do not. Creating a list of pros and cons shows your audience that you lack a bias opinion that would originally be focused on generating sales.

3. Purchase

The final mainframe that consumers encounter, if they have successfully experienced the two prior phases, is the act of purchase. If they have gone as far as to read reviews on or even about your products, they have entered the phase of deciding on actually making the purchase. During this moment, people may begin to Google phrases like “Best price on….” in order to get a better idea of who and where to buy from. If you are selling a product, this is the time when you seize the opportunity of fulfilling the purchase. You can do so by leaning towards various marketing strategies. One that you can usually rely on is email marketing. By staying in touch with your audience and subscribers, you strengthen your relationship and the trust between you both. If your audience trusts you, they will be more willing to take your advice on product recommendations.
-Image by Pixabay

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