One Small Yes Leads to an Overwhelming No

The other day, I received more eye opening advice that I feel would be only right to share. In my spare time, when I’m not doing school work, blogging or hanging out, I often find myself either reading or listening to a podcast, sometimes even both! I’ve never known myself to become a “bookworm” , but I have come to realize all of the hidden treasures that come from the activity. Not only do books help me develop a better voice when it comes down to blogging, but it also informs me in ways that would not have previously been brought to my attention. Books provide a source of highly beneficial information, similar to a college course when taken seriously. The fact of the matter is that you may or may not enjoy reading. In this case I recommend that you start out by following relevant Podcasts. For former entrepreneurs and those seeking to do something great with their life, I suggest that you start by listening to Entrepreneur on Fire by John Lee Dumas, also known as JLD.
Instead of giving you a boring summary of JLD’s Podcast, I’ll reiterate some advice that he gave to his listeners in a fairly recent episode. In his own words, John stated, “by saying yes, you’re saying no to everything else”. I was immediately reminded of my former blog post, Surrounding Yourself with Like Minded Individuals, which explained in detail the importance of taking charge of your life’s greatest influences. With nothing but good intentions, John Lee Dumas helps open the minds of his viewers to all of the things that are preventing them from achieving greatness. The main issue we all face is not only saying ‘no’ to nonproductive activities but also saying ‘yes’ to during the wrong times. When it comes to decision making, the worst thing that you can do is waste time pondering on what exactly needs to be done. Although this is true, JLD stresses the point that we should still take into account all other possibilities when deciding on a single one. The concept insinuates the fact that settling on a single activity, no matter the nature of it, you are literally saying ‘no’ to all of the other possible things that could be done during the same time. In other words, learn how to properly weigh out your priorities when organizing your daily schedule in order to avoid the issue of putting off tasks of great value for those of lesser!
-Image by Pixabay

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