Guide to Endless Content Ideas for your Blog-pt.1

There is an art to blogging that many forget to focus their attention on. As explained in previous posts, choosing a niche for your blog is the first step to setting up your blog’s path to success. For those of you whom have choosen a difficult niche or have simply lost motivation, you have to result to other methods for content generation.
There are two simple ways that I find work best to generate ideas for possible blog posts. Each work hand in hand with each other, requiring a minimal amount of mental effort, contrary to what you may have originally imagined. Firstly, I highly recommend that you start carrying around a notebook of some sort. By doing so, you leave no opportunities for lost ideas. Some of our best ideas come at the most random times during the day. Constant pen and paper availability enable you to capture each and every one of your ideas.
Another effective way to keep your blog’s queue full is by binge writing. Similar to how you would watch your favorite Netflix serious until the end, try to apply the same mentality to your blog’s content creation. As long as you continue to write, distraction free, the ideas should keep flowing. In the instant that they do not, simply take a short break and attempt to regather your focus.
-Image by Pixabay

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