Audience Acquisition for Bloggers

There are both truths and misconceptions behind various strategies when it comes down to raising your site’s viewer count. Traffic generation has honestly been given an overall negative connotation, so instead of preaching about “surefire” ways to increase page views, here’s a short opinion on the reality of viewer attraction.
Before anything, you must realize that there is not one single way to build a bigger audience. Alternatively, there are ways that some may find work better for them than it may for someone else. If your end goal is to generate sales, you are going to want to take an approach that guarantees the largest amount of page views for your specific audience. Most bloggers’ goals vary, but in a sense, they are all intertwined with each other, separating them from the average sales page. In general, most new bloggers sail along the same boat as new YouTube channels; wanting to merely make an impact on their audience. Whether emotionally or literally, indirectly convincing your audience into wanting to come back for seconds or thirds is the top priority. In other words, a blogger is, and rightfully should be, hungry for subscriptions over less meaningful page views.
In short, the idea behind building an audience needs to be redefined; not literally but internally. If your job is to focus only on the internet marketing aspect of things, continue to go about the various traffic generation techniques. If you are looking to build an organic listing of faithful viewers, look to change your entire mindset by wanting to provide value to your readers. As long as you seek to improve the lives of others, you will find success with upward trends in the long run.
For a more in depth analysis on the idea behind building an audience, check out my former blog post on Quality vs. Quantity (Click Here). If you found this post inspiring, let me know in the comments below!
-Image from Pixabay


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