How to Stick to a Budget

Making a budget is the easy part. Actually sticking to a budget gives rise to several problems that lead people to actually doing even worse than before. No matter your financial background, even considering creating a budget displays maturity while successfully sticking to it, shows true strength and determination. In order to ensure you are successful in stabilizing your financial life, you must make sure to eliminate potential hazards and counterproductive habits.
Assuming that you have already identified the holes in your pocket, you should now start working to patch them up. In other words, strengthen your weaknesses. I personally have a bad habit of eating fast food, despite the unhealthy nature and costliness of the food. When creating my own budget, I identified this problem and then sought to minimize it. I didn’t look to simply cut down, but instead completely eliminate fast food from my lifestyle period. The reward from eating it is clearly out weighed by the disadvantages. By cutting out fast food, I am benefiting both financially and health wise! Learn to apply that same mentality into your budgeting in order to remove the possibility of pointless spending.
Another important thing that must be taken into account is your surroundings. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most of your time with. If you place yourself among friends who love to party and eat out on the daily, you will be more inclined to do the same. Not that you don’t have the self control to do otherwise, but it is the nature of man. Place yourself around athletes and chances are that you will gravitate towards their standards!
-Image from Pixabay




  1. I applaud you for keeping track of your expenses! Before I received my BA at the University of Washington in Seattle and Bothell in 2009, I was always struggling with making ends meet and found that giving up fast food and partying really cut down on my spending. I also like the photo you chose with the wallet and the vice — lol!

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