Niche Blogging: Best Ways to Become an Expert

Every blogger battles with their conscience on the regular. It is not uncommon to compare yourself to other bloggers within the same niche as you. You may have a certain someone that may have inspired you to do what you do. This does not mean that you can’t do the job better. In order to make a real impact in the world of blogging, you must become an expert within your niche.
As mentioned in a previous post *Click Here*, finding the right niche for your blog is the hardest of steps to building a successful blog. Don’t try to become a professional blogger on a popular, current topic because you will have already missed the spike in audience. Trying to start a business off of a trend that is already in full effect, is like trying to purchase stocks when they reach their peak or highest market value. In the stock market, you can expect the market value of your shares to fall back down with most certainty, leaving you in worse shape than how you originally started. The same concept  applies for blogs.  In addition to the other problems, choosing a topic only because of its popularity will lead to a lack of interest on your part. What happens a year from now when that niche has died down and you have lost all motivation to continue trying? Instead, focus on something that already has a place in your heart. If you have a true passion for handwriting over typing, center your blog around that idea. I can bet that it has little to no competition and you will always have something to write about…literally!
Once you have laid down the skeleton of your blog, you are going to want to open your mind! Blogging proves to be a challenge to its first timers. You are going to struggle with coming up with ideas to write about, especially if you take on the challenge of blogging daily. In order to combat the issue, avoid thinking big. As counterproductive as it may sound, the smaller you think the better. For example, imagine your blog is about drones. Sure that’s a viable niche in itself, but you could go deeper and break up your blog posts into more defined categories: Drone flying stories, Best Drone Brands, The Art of Flying, Professional Drone Flying. This list goes on forever and you provide yourself with endless possibilities.
Once you learn how to come up with ideas, it’s your time to educate yourself! The more you know the better. When you come across an idea that you know little about or hesitate to pursue, don’t shy away. Chances are that most people feel the same way. Specialize in these less known areas of your niche and you will start to stand out. Before you know it, you will be seen as an expert in what you do!


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