Keys to a Successful 2016 New Year’s Resolution

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Every year, around Christmas time, people begin to realize that they want to go through a phase of self improvement. This desire gives rise to the New Years Resolution. The problem many of us face is solely relying on this specific time of the year to make changes. It is not uncommon to hear your friends or family make a statement to better themselves in some fashion and then give up by the second week of January. For example… I personally want to become more active in the gym to improve my physical health. If I want to take on this challenge, I must accept everything that goes comes with successfully working out. This includes eating healthier and waking up early before class to avoid missing a day. Many do not take these secondary requirements into account when planning their New Years Resolution. The result? We begin to feel bombarded by adversity and lean towards to our previous, “less active” self. On the bright side, there are key steps we all can follow in order  to eliminate the possibility of failure.

1. Identify Your Weakness

We all struggle with admitting our faults and weaknesses. Before deciding where to direct your focus, look towards the traits which need improving most. Don’t be afraid to ask for advice from your family. More likely than not, they can point out the issues that you may naturally ignore.

2. Remove Distractions

If you remove the factors that support your weakness, you will have already won a battle in the war of self improvement. In many cases, television can prevent us from making progress by indirectly supporting procrastination. Substitute your time behind the television for goal oriented activities.

3. Surround Yourself with Like Minded People

Whether you realize it or not, our closest friends are likely playing a role in preventing us from reaching our goals. If you are wanting to build a healthier physique, avoid going out to to dinner with your friends all the time. Even though they may support your goals, they will likely not take them into account when attempting to hang out with you. The best choice is to find someone with similar goals. This could be the one person that you see in the gym every time you go. Make friends with people who share your passion.

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