How Do Bloggers Make Money

Bloggers come in two distinct forms; those that blog for the love of writing or helping others and those blogging in order to drive traffic to their site for small profits. This causes a great misconception of what actually goes on behind the scenes of making money versus blogging as a hobby. After several questions of how exactly it is possible to make money through blogging, it was only right to make a quick post to explain without being overly complicated.
As previously mentioned, bloggers are either doing it to drive traffic or to help their viewers. Successful bloggers, the ones who make a living off of the content that they produce, start out with the hope of making an impact on their readers’ lives. In return, their readers become regular visitors and are more likely to share the blogger’s content. As more visitors become directed to the blog and its meaningful advice and content, sponsors become attracted. By means of the blogger searching or even the sponsor seeking them, a connection is made between the two which brings along with it monetary value.
Money can also be generated through a blog by means of direct advertisement. Services, like Google Adsense, offer website owners to advertise both products and services on their site for a small amount of compensation. The dollar amount is determined by the total number of impressions and clicks on the ad that the site generates. These advertisements operate the same way a video blogger (aka “vlogger”) would monetize their YouTube account.
Both methods of monetization are widely used and effective in their own way. A blogger who focuses on quality rather than content would be best off seeking a relevant sponsor. Alternatively, a blogger that spends their time manipulating search engines for traffic would be better off sticking with Google’s Adsense program. If you are deciding on how to monetize, make sure to take these ideas into consideration. If you have further questions, feel free to comment them below!
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