The Life of a Blogger on Campus

Everyday people approach me with the same question,”How do you manage to run a blog and keep up with your classes?”. Most of the time I simply tell them that I plan ahead and try to get things done. It is actually fairly simple, but I found that people truly didn’t understand. So instead of laying out the step by step guide, I’ll revisit my encounter with someone who had all of the motivation in the world but still struggled with properly managing her time.
One day, a friend of mine asked me to literally teach her my ways. I gladly agreed and we scheduled a time in the library to go further in depth. What I had originally expected to be a brief session with tips here and there grew into a rewarding two hour session. First off, I laid out the premise of the tutorial by showing her my planners. I keep two planners by my side at all time. One allows me to plan for multiple weeks ahead while the other focused on one specific day at a time. By planning for the future, there is never a day that I go into blindly. In order to be more precise, the second and much smaller planner gave me the ability to dissect these planned weeks into specific days. On top of these organizers, my schedule would be broken down even further with my iPhone’s Reminders App. Each day, I would have preset reminders that tell me exactly when it is time to complete a task and how long I have to do so. A lot of my time management is actually just taking the time to diversify my entire schedule. In a way, having several tools that essentially perform the same job, just translates my schedule into various languages that prevent my mind from missing a single step.
  So how did my friend respond? She was amazed and unintentionally began to project her newly birthed inspiration. When I thought her original question was answered to the best of my abilities, she hit me with another and then, in the words of DJ Khaled, another one! This was my first experience in my life of taking the position as an inspiration to others and can honestly say that it feels amazing. It reassures me that I actually am helping others with the advice that I provide. I truly hope that this story outlines exactly how I am able to balance college work with the responsibility of being a daily blogger. If you still have questions, like my friend, feel free to ask in the comments below! Special thanks to Annie for inspiring this topic and if you enjoyed this post, please to Like, Share, and Subscribe 🙂

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