Avoiding Writer’s Block

Have you ever literally become lost for words? Sometimes we’ll all lose train of thought or simply lose inspiration when it comes down to writing. This phenomenon has been coined as “writer’s block”. By definition, it is the process of not being able to think of what to say or getting stuck in the middle of writing a book or article. Bloggers are also in the category of people most likely to suffer from writer’s block. Luckily there is a simple way to avoid it!
From my experience, I’m most productive in writing blog posts when I have already started writing. Although that may not make any sense, it is the truth. I’m the type of person who struggles with starting a blog post and will spend hours deciding on what to even write about. On the bright site, once I get going, there is no stopping me. So how do I battle with my form of writer’s block? I do so by planning ahead. I know for a fact that I’m going to lose train of thought or get distracted sooner or later. I am only human and sometimes it just happens. In order to prevent it from actually hurting my blog, I plan ahead. Instead of trusting myself to consistently write one blog post a day, I use some days to accelerate my blogging effort. When I feel motivated and have constant ideas flowing, I continue to write. This allows me the ability to finish a weeks worth of posting within a single day. Not only does this free up my schedule during the week but it also gives me time to relax and think. The pressure from dealing with writer’s blog can be stressful, but by working full time during my most motivated days, I give my self enough time to deal with writer’s blog in a healthy way!


  1. That makes sense to keep on writing when you’re the most productive! — maybe you’ll end up with several blog posts in just a few hours. I know some bloggers who keep a bin of pre-written material that they work off of when, like you say, they get distracted, unmotivated, or just too busy.

    I constantly jot down ideas or inspirations in a journal… an image or a quote can fuel my writing.

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