Two Planners are Better than One

Not falling victim to procrastination can be a difficult task to perform day in and day out. Procrastination operates like a neverending pendilum. You can push as hard as you want to get ahead, but it will eventually swing back around. For this reason, minimizing the arrival and effect of procrastination proves to be an essencial skill to learn.
Being able to holding yourself accountable for your actions is a major necessity for overcoming procrastination. We are all humans and can admittedly say that this is not always an easy task. We are quick to give ourselves reasons to not do something rather than to get it over with. You may realize that you must complete a task within two weeks, but this doesn’t mean that you will get it done in a timely manner. This is why we have been blessed with the ability to plan and schedule ahead. The usefulness of planners and calenders is often overlooked. When used properly, they both can give us an edge in life.
 I recommend that everone keep atleast two planners by their side at all times. The planners don’t have to be the same type and would actually be more beneficial if they have unique formats. Although the idea may seem pointless, using two planners that are formatted differently will provide you with more than one way to look at your entire schedule. A single planner may allow you to go in depth on what needs to be done for a specified relm of work while the other might focus on what needs to be done for a single specified day. Staying in touch with both will allow you to get an amazing sense of what needs to be done weeks in advance! You will allow yourself to properly manage your time while minimizing your chances of harmfully procrastinating. Having the opportunity to check off tasks as you go will also give you a sense of accomplishment!



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