WordPress: Connecting your Social Media

An important aspect of owning an online business is having the ease of discovery. For the average WordPress blogger, connecting social media has make the task of automation effortless. When you publish a new post or page on your site, it could take unnecessarily long amounts of time to promote across all of your social medias. Instead of spamming your links everywhere, save time by directly connecting your accounts to your site. Don’t forget to take your audience into consideration.
WordPress allows you to directly connect your blog to your choice of social media. When a post goes live, you will see your blog automatically share it among your chosen platforms. Before jumping right into the process of syncing your accounts, I recommend focusing first on creating proper social media pages. Many of your Facebook friends will not want to see your account filled with advertising and other “spam”. In order to avoid this situation, do your friends a favor by creating a separate page that is dedicated towards your blog. By doing so, you can see who exactly is interested in your website’s content without annoying your peers. This applies to all social media platforms. You will also benefit from having established a fan page that will start to grow an organic following and obtain its very own seo ranking.

Connecting WordPress to Social Media

1.Visit WordPress Home
This first step is the easiest and truly self explanatory. When you visit WordPress.com, you will automatically be directed to WordPress Reader. You want to navigate away from this page by clicking on My Site, which is directly to the left of the Reader tab. Doing so should reveal the main WordPress menu, along with all of your site’s statistics already displayed.
2. Sharing
Next, scroll down on the left side bar until you find the category labeled as Configure. Under this section, click on Sharing, which should be the first page listed under Configure.
3. Making the Connection
Lastly, you should be directed to a page that presents all of the social medias that are currently supported by WordPress. At this time, you are able to connect your Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, and Path! Simply choose one of your liking, or all if needed, and fill out your profile information. In this day and age, you shouldn’t need much help finishing this last step, but what’s a proper tutorial that doesn’t go in depth!

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