Networking on Twitter

Twitter has become a great place to market and network in order to feed your site’s appetite for viewers. Everyday you will find countless ads scrambled along your Twitter feed, but ads are not always the best approach. Sometimes it’s best to use the old brick & mortar method of networking directly. Obviously you shouldn’t just walk around telling people about your site all day because you will find that the majority of them aren’t even interested. Instead, use your Twitter account as a networking tool.
The entire process is actually fairly simple and will not require a whole lot of explanation. In a nutshell, your goal is to do one of two things: find other bloggers and website owners within your niche or look for people who would be most interested. Both can be done following the same procedure. When looking for fellow bloggers, hashtag search the important key words that relate to your blog. You will be exposed to every tweet that includes that word or phase. Once you do so, weed through the random tweets until you find one from another blogger. Take the time to favorite their content, and most importantly, spark a conversation. Start being active on their wall and visit their blog. Learn from their content and offer feedback! The entire process is simply networking on Twitter! Taking action everyday will allow you to grow your network and Twitter following at the same time without the negative connotations from advertising!
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