Importance of Pre-Launch Preparation

When you finally decide to start a blog, you may find yourself overly eager to publish the site. Your intuition may tell you that the sooner your blog goes live the better, but in reality, this is not true. Launching a blog not only requires you to spend the proper amount of time designing a layout for your site, but also requires you to come up with the rest of the foundation. The foundation includes your blog’s posting schedule, primary topic, and audience!
First and foremost, your blog’s content needs to have a set in stone posting schedule. Well not necessarily “set in stone”, but instead a general schedule. My blog has one post scheduled at the same time everyday. Throwing in an extra post every once in awhile doesn’t hurt, unlike a randomized schedule. The main perk of sticking to a precise posting schedule is allowing your growing audience to know exactly when you will post. Knowing your schedule will make your readers much more likely to tune in when the time comes. This, in turn, will allow your blog to start receiving views almost immediately when a post goes live.
Hopefully you already have a general idea for your blog’s theme or primary topic. Prior to your blog’s launch, you will want to reconsider your blogging ideas. Decide on whether or not people will be interested and determine how widely talked about your blog’s current niche is. If there are billions of other bloggers already talking about your blog’s niche, consider narrowing down, at least until your blog develops a bigger audience. New blogs sure conquer lower competition topics before going big. If your blog is about health, start out by doing posts focused on something like healthy foods or exotic exercises. Each of these smaller niches have plenty to talk about, and in the long run, will allow you to expand to virtually any concept within “health” that you could imagine.
Finally, understand that the majority of your audience will not arrive till months after your initial launch. Your blog has to start somewhere so in order to give it a little boost in exposure, you should get the word out in advance. Set an official launch date for your blog, and be sure to promote yourself in the prior weeks in order to build some anticipation among your followers. You can do this by talking about your upcoming website on Twitter, Facebook, and other social medias. Provide your followers with the launch date and a brief description of your blog in order to have potential viewers waiting at your door step. The day of your blog’s launch should be rewarded with new and organic views, mostly coming from social media. Be sure to ask your audience to like and share your new blog when it launches in order to spread the word even further!

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