SEO Understanding Boolean Operators

Boolean Operators are the conjunctions used to separate keywords when searching. In a search, these conjunctions (and, and not, not) provide the user with more refined and relevant results. Although used primarily for precise research, these concepts can be applied to your websites marketing strategies. By truly understanding Boolean Operators, you can learn how to reach your site’s intended audience with ease.
Boolean Operators function the same way as the process of niche blogging. For example, if you are starting a blog on a popular topic, you will want to focus on smaller niches within the topic. By doing so, you reveal the less talked about topics that have less competition. Less competition gives your website a better chance at being discovered and achieving high seo rankings. In short, your goal is to make a post that will show up with 30,000 other search results as opposed to 30,000,000.
How should you go about doing this? Treat you blog or website like a poem. Every word and its placement, make a huge difference when it comes down to search engine discovery. Write down exactly what type of audience you want to attract and decide on what you are actually going to talk about. While avoiding reductions in quality of your blog posts, visit your favorite search engine to do a little research. Find out what keywords are popular and play around with them in your post’s title. Simply moving around two words may help your blog dodge millions of competitors on the internet.
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