Anti-Social App

A common theme of my blog is identifying and preventing the activities that do not support productivity. There are countless distractions that we sometimes overlook when working on various projects. One that you may battle with everyday is checking your phone. Cellphones prove to be a center of distraction when we enter the phase of thought processing. When I work on my blog every morning, I often find myself brainstorming only to be approached with temptation by my iPhone. I’ll receive an email, Snapchat, or text and feel as though I must check it. After an hour has gone by I may realize that 20 minutes were dedicated towards exploring and messaging of some form. That’s a third of my time gone down the drain! I realized that I had to find a solution. Ironically, I visited the App Store for help.
You can find many quick fixes and remedies in the App Store that you may have never considered. If you have trouble managing your spending, you can find an app that helps you stick to a budget. If you have trouble sleeping consistently, you can find an app that will analyze your sleep patterns and allow you to pinpoint the problem. Well, for our problem of distraction, there also exists many apps that will solve the problem. If you look for an “anti-social” app or one that specifically blocks your phone’s VPN, you will be able to obtain the proper tool to eliminate the possibility of distraction.
VPN is an abbreviation for virtual private network. The majority of these apps work by tapping into your phone’s virtual private network and preventing the import of any messages or data while active. They work the same way as airplane mode, but are much more effective. Airplane mode is extremely easy to disable and enable in the matter of seconds in order to check messages, which is why you may find yourself still tempted to check your phone. On the other hand, these anti-social apps will activate for a predetermined time period that you set. If you activate your app to run for 30 minutes, you will not be able to readily disable with ease. Although it’s possible, disabling the app during your session of productivity requires you to first log out of the app. After logging out, you must then shutdown the app from your “active app” list. For an iPhone, this can be achieved by double tapping the home button and sliding away the app. By using an app that displays a time limit and requires multiple steps to disable during a session, you will find yourself less likely to attempt checking messages!


  1. On Android Lollipop and later, the silence setting allows you to set it to only allow priority notifications, or none at all, and to set a time limit on it. I frequently set mine for a couple hours while I work on a project. That way I can still use my phone as data is not turned off, but there’s no distraction of incoming messages.

    I’ve also turned off notifications for all social network apps. And I use Inbox Pause to make it so emails only arrive in my inbox once a day.

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