Falling Forward for Progression

What’s the point of falling behind when you know for a fact that you can control it? There are some aspects of life that we just shouldn’t think twice about. We all have been in a point in time when we have fallen behind and elongated the time needed to achieve a certain goal. Although situations do pop up and force us to put things aside, sometimes we need to open up our minds and correct the “mishap” at its source. Ourselves! Instead of falling victim to procrastination, learn to progress when others do not. This may require you to take a step back to observe, plan and strategize, but this step does not include completely falling back and taking your precious time to get back up.
In just about any realm in life, you can identify past problems and precisely point out how they could have been prevented. Taking action before the going gets tough is an essential skill to not only entrepreneurs but everyone! Planning ahead is as easy as it sounds and can save you countless hours of heartache. If you are a student who is having trouble in school, figure out what you’re doing wrong. If you have multiple missed assignments, then you need to create a schedule for yourself and actually stick to it! Put down the phone for one hour out of your day, then utilize that very same hour for planning and questioning your current ways. Where is most of your time going during the day and why would you wait util the day-of to finish work?
We all can relate to having experienced similar problems as a student but this is a much broader lesson for life. Don’t allow yourself to make excuses for why something was done a certain way or why you ran into problems with bills the past month. Life will throw several curve balls, but if you develop the mindset to prevent problems early on, by preparing in advanced, you will find that through these times of hardship, you will come out strong and satisfied for having handled the situation so well. It will literally feel like you were the only person in the room with a pen to lend when the president was in dire need of one!


  1. Outstanding points to ponder! Yes, take accountability and stop making excuses. I know that’s sometimes hard to do given the busy schedule many of us have. Lol. I love the idea to put the phone down even for just an hour a day. I wonder how many of us can actually do that? hmmmm 🙂

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