To Be an Entrepreneur, You Must Be a Bookworm

One thing that all entrepreneurs have in common is their hunger for knowledge. They don’t limit themselves to any one level of intelligence, but instead they look to constantly build upon their current state. The majority of people are raised to live by the saying “Curiosity killed the cat..”. What we find is that this same majority represents the complacency within society. These people become satisfied when they feel “safe” in their choices and decisions. Their main problem is being too afraid to trying something new, simply out of curiosity. Entrepreneurs are the complete opposite and represent the less known portion of that saying.
“Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back to life”
After digging a little deeper, we see that the saying now packs more of a punch. If you are afraid to fail, you will never find satisfaction. In other words, by never trying, how will you know if you would have succeeded had you taken the risk of being curious. The lottery is a perfect example and probably the simplest way to put things into perspective. Sure the chances of actually winning the lottery are extremely small. You have a better chance at being struck by lightning twice while being attacked by a shark, than to win the lottery, but where is the reward without the risk. You have to be willing to open up your mind to new possibilities in order to succeed in the world. Books are the perfect place to start. Although you may not have enjoyed reading when you were young, you may find that you actually love reading but just don’t know what genre truly interests you. Self help books that focus on self improvement and goal accomplishing, almost always prove to be attention grabbers. They allow you to look at things from different points of view that you may have never thought of. On top of that, they are very educational for whatever you are looking to become or do better in. This is where entrepreneurs get a step ahead of the game.
Reading, as said by Tai Lopez, is like a GPS for life. Would you rather drive using intuition and guessing or a map that has already created the path for you? Books have been written by the people who have already reached your goals. These authors, whether English majors or big time business owners, have created their books to provide you with the proper knowledge to, in a way, replicate their story. This is why entrepreneurs choose to constantly read. The education and knowledge that you desire already exists; you just have to be willing to obtain it.


  1. “Curiosity killed the cat, but satisfaction brought it back to life”…. did you know that originally, it was “Worry killed the cat?” The first reference to this quote was back in Shakespearean times. Superb post again, Tracey. I suppose e-books are fine to read, too, I hope? 🙂

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