Googling for Traffic

Over and over again, we novice bloggers find ourselves constantly wishing for boosts in traffic. Although you can take the quick route by paying for advertisement, the good things in life don’t come so easy. If you want organic and true traffic, you have to refer back to some stone age methods. It’s actually easier than it sounds. Google Plus, also known as Google+, actually offers a ton of potential for safe and meaningful traffic.
If you aren’t very familiar with Google Plus, its essentially another social media outlet that takes a form similar to that of Pinterest and LinkedIn. Through your profile you are able to list your accolades, occupational information and your hobbies. It is often overlooked because it has not reached out to as many people as Facebook has. This also proves to be a big advantage. There will be less competition and you will find it much easier to build a following than solely working on other social medias.

Google+ Communities

Similar to the fan pages and groups that exist on Facebook, Google+ has created the Community tab. Within the tab, you have the option to search any tag to see all of the relevant communities with the option to join anyone you’d like. A blogger, like myself, would search for topics similar to what the majority of my blog is about. Since I mostly give advice to new bloggers, I would search for a Blogging Community. Many of these communities are home to over 25,000 active users that receive notifications of all new posts within the group. Posting a link to your latest blog post is never frowned upon and will actually prove to be very rewarding. If your posts are genuine and designed to help others, a satisfied viewer won’t hesitate to share or “+1” the Google+ post and open the doors to countless exposure possibilities. Who knows…one of your posts may go viral and give your blog more exposure than you could ever imagine!

Why This Works

The main reason why this provides new bloggers with better results than Facebook is due to Fb’s internal logarithm. As you may have realized or heard, your status updates won’t actually be seen by all of your friends and followers. Only those who seem to share an interest in your profile will see your posts on their timeline. Whether this is a good or bad implementation, is up for debate. Google+, on the other hand, holds no restrictions on your potential audience. If you post to a 30,000-member group, chances are someone will be interested. If you find a community of 500 active users, you better believe that every one of them will see your post and might take the time to check it out!
You may have to experiment and play around with Google+ to get the best results. The 1st time I tried using Google Plus, I saw an increase of 40 views on top of my expected view count of 20+/-. If you have tried this technique or still have questions, feel free to leave a comment below with your results!
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  1. Facebook is definitely a pain, because they want you to pay to boost your posts so everyone will see them. How dumb. Twitter moves very fast. After 15-20 minutes, unless many people RT your post, nobody else is going to see it again. I’ve yet to play with Google+ but I’m definitely intrigued now. Thank you for sharing!


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