The Power of Reblogging

As a new blogger, the scramble to build an audience is always rampant. Starting out, during your first day or so, you may see your blog get a handful of views and visitors, but naturally your number is going to go back down. Your blog is brand new and has not yet gained the trust or ranking(seo) within major search engines like Google, Yahoo, and Bing. Due to that fact, you shouldn’t be discouraged when you find your view count is little to nothing. There are several ways to get your blog out into the world and increase exposure in order to speed up the process of building your audience. A less thought of but very effective way, is through reblogging.

Proper Reblogging

Reblogging is essentially the same concept as retweeting (a concept used on Twitter). Common on WordPress and other hosting sites, you are given the option, as the reader, to reblog an article or blog post. Reblogging allows you to share that entire blog post on your personal site. Although, this will possibly drive your audience to another site, there are ways to benefit if implemented properly.


A key to a meaningful reblog is to only reblog posts that personally interest you and could provide your viewers with relevant content to your blog. It would be pointless to host a blog on the sport of flying drones and reblog someone’s post on popular hairstyles. It just doesn’t belong and your readers are human enough to point out this indirect form of spam.

-Returning the Favor

The best possible outcome that one could ever hope for is to receive a reblog in return after reblogging someone else’s content. If your blog is young but gets a post reblogged by an established blogger, you will find that your view and subscribers may skyrocket from the sites normal rate. One of their viewers may even reblog your post again, and you will begin to see an exponential growth of attention to that blog post and of course, your blog all together.

Destructive Reblogging

Reblogging can also have negative repercussions. If you’re not careful, you may be seen as spam to search engines, your viewers, and even other bloggers. Make sure you reblog in moderation. Other blogger’s posts should not out number your own. On top of that, your blog shouldn’t have posts from other sites constantly sprinkled throughout. If you truly like the work of another blogger, consider contacting them and scheduling a guest post. Guest posts make your site more appealing to search engines and provide your viewers with a more organic way to navigate to said blog.


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