5 Reasons to Not Monetize your Blog

When entering the realm of blogging, the first thing that many people do is focus on the potential monetary value. This is where you begin to distinguish a bad blog from a good blog ,or if you have a knack for writing, a good blog from a great one. Monetizing your blog can be the most exciting and rewarding addition to your blog, but if you don’t take a few important things into consideration, you could ruin your websites integrity.

1. Timing

Timing is everything! Think of your blog like a cake. Each ingredient comes in at a specified time. If you tried to bake the cake before adding the eggs, your cake isn’t going to be very appealing. People will gladly pass on taking a slice. The same applies for your blog. If you haven’t taken the steps to properly build your blog’s foundation, monetization will ruin the ranking and visual appeal.

2. Audience

Paying close attention to the size of your audience is extremely important in deciding whether or not to monetize. Not having a sizable audience is basically like trying to sell sand in the desert. You will hardly find anyone and in the instances that you do, your chances of making the sell are small.

3. Relevance

When looking to monetize on your blog, relevance is a major key. If you plan on advertising a product, you will want it to have some form of relation with your blog. If your blog focuses on physical fitness, you would want to advertise supplements and weight training products as opposed to random things like a table.

4. Niche

The type of blog that you run will also have say in your monetization decisions. Blogs vary in style and form and you must know how to adapt to it. If your blog focuses on product reviews, you may want to shy away from banner ads and promote products as you review them.

5. Overall Goal

Finally, you must set value goals. Goals that clearly layout exactly what your blog’s purpose is. If you provide people with inspirational sayings and motivation, monetizing will need to be accomplished by other means that do not pressure people to purchase a product. Instead, try a more user friendly option like a sponsor. They often layout exactly how much you blog will be earning without the need of excessive advertising. Some sponsors may only ask of you to mention their name somewhere along your posts.
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  1. You bring up some excellent points, Tracey. Relevance is key, I think, too, because I’ve seen blogs with advertisers that don’t seem to jell with what the blog is actually about (a blog I recently visited, had an athletic brand advertisement when most of their posts were about southern comfort food — there seemed to be a disconnect there). It was also interesting to read about sponsors — granted my blog is still growing, but something to keep in mind for the future.

    Thank you!

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    1. Hey! Sorry for the late response… 1st things first, you need to have value to provide. They care most about what you have to offer… usually on the lines of audience size and the demographics. Outside of that, be unique and if you feel you have something of value, don’t be afraid to approach them directly! If you have my questions, message me on snapchat so I don’t miss them! –> tracey5259

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