Bernard Boulevard: January 2016 Performance Report

It is the 1st of February, but more importantly the beginning of Bernard Boulevard’s monthly performance recap! If you were unaware, my blog’s official launch was January 1st, 2016 and a very exciting day for me. I had spent the past month working on the site, but before we get into the detailed origins of the blog, here is a rundown of how we performed during the month of January!

Most Popular Page

How to Become a Blogger and Get Paid for It

Top 3 Traffic Generators

1-WordPress Reader, 2-Facebook, 3-Search Engines

New Subscribers


Most Traffic(Day)

58 Views and 19 Visitors on January 27,2016

Most Comments(Day)

6 Comments on January 27, 2016

Weekly Trend on Chart

Janweekly trend

Domain & Page Authority

Domain: 10/100 ; Page: 22/100

Total Traffic

325 Views, 166 Visitors, 50 Likes, 23 Comments
So, looking at the stats above, I can personally say that I am pretty impressed. This was not my first blog so I had some knowledge of how things worked and how to draw in an audience, but I am by no means a “Pro Blogger”. I am very anxious to see how we perform in this month of February! For those who are wondering what techniques I used during this first month, you will be surprised to find that they actually are not that difficult and did not cost a dime. I will explain them in further detail below!

The Birth of Bernard Boulevard

Bernard Boulevard, in a sense, was born in early December but was not released from the hospital until the 1st of January. Before hand, I actually had just began working on another site of mine, which was a complete failure. It took me only a day to create and looked pretty, but it lacked in a strong blogging foundation.  A major theme of Bernard Boulevard, that my other website lacked, is quality. My old website was rushed and did not have any form of planning, scheduling, or attractiveness to it. While working on the old site, the name Bernard Boulevard simply popped in my head! Bernard is my middle name, which is what gave rise to the thought. Other than that, I could not tell you anything else that would have influenced the blog’s name other than luck. I truly found the name appealing and more appropriate than naming the blog “”. After coming to that realization, I wrote the blog name in the Notes app of my iPhone, not really sure of what I was even going to do with it. Since I liked the name so much, I decided to purchase the domain name, through Namecheap, while I would wait for ideas to pour in. The thought of actually creating a blog came to me while I was listening to John Lee Dumas speak on his podcast Entrepreneur on Fire, also known as EOFire!
The week of December 14th, 2015 was the week that Bernard Boulevard was finally put under construction. I spent the rest of December formatting the website and leaking out small bits of it to my Facebook profile in order to give its official January launch a boost in traffic from people waiting for the first blog post. It wasn’t long after building the blog that I started writing blog posts. I had a notebook with a ton of ideas and was able to come up with 7 blog posts that would be scheduled and ready to be post during the first week of 2016.
When January finally came around, it was time to place some of my focus on the marketing strategies in order to generate some form of traffic, even if it was a pea size amount. I’m going to make it clear that I did not purchase advertising for my blog during this month and do not plan on doing so until much later. I have created a few blog posts that go in depth on how exactly I approached building an audience. To be brief, I used word of mouth, social media, and Snapchat to get the word out. Facebook provided me with a social media page for my blog that would show my blog’s updates while giving people the opportunity to like and share with their friends and followers. I applied the same process across Twitter, Google+, and Instagram while making sure to stay consistent throughout the entire process. In my opinion, scheduling posts in advance and actually sticking to a posting schedule helped solidify my blog’s foundation and allow it to gain the exposure that it did.

Special Thanks!!

Finally, I’d like to give a special thanks to all of my new and returning visitors. All of you that have subscribed, followed, and liked Bernard Boulevard and it’s blog posts have really made a huge difference! I’d also like to thank a fellow blogger and our most active subscriber, Poet Rummager, for keeping me inspired and supporting along the way. If you love poetry, you should really go check out her blog!(Click Here)


  1. I enjoyed reading about how you came up with “Bernard Boulevard!” The name just rolls off your tongue quite smoothly. Oh, thank you for giving my blog a mention, Tracey!

    It’s a good thing to have your goals lined up and attending college is a huge plus. Wise move!! In a couple of days, I’ll write a poem dedicated to you and your new blog. Cheers and congratulations on finishing your first month — very exciting, indeed! 🍻 🍉 🍇 🍓 🍻

    Liked by 1 person

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