Selling Your Instagram Selfies

According to an article on Democrat & Chronicle, photographers, once again, have been blessed with more ways to sell their photos. Instagram has grown to become the home for many new photographers to establish a name for their keen eye and great ability to capture moments, but it hasn’t made the process any easier for them to make money during the early stages of discovery. Candidly has come along to help make photography much more rewarding.
Instead of capturing amazing moments and beautiful scenery to simply be displayed on Instagram, Candidly allows photographers to sell their art in the most convenient way possible. All that is required is that a user login to his or her instagram account to begin the process. Candidly will pull up all of your published Instagram photos and allow you to pick and choose which photos you’d like to sell. The process is truly very easy and is demonstrated in 7 steps below.

1. Login


2. Add Photos


3. Pick & Choose which Photos to Sell


4. Navigate wirh Orange “Next” Button


5. Add/Edit Info


6. Edit Info & Save


7. Finish!


The whole process truly takes less than 2 minutes. Candidly allows you to avoid the hassle of cropping and resizing images that you wish to sell. So if you are a new photographer wanting to get your images out into the world while making a profit, consider selling your images through Candidly. They will provide you with a simple to use selling platform as a starting point before you establish your very own site.

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