Surround Yourself with Like Minded Individuals

Some of the best advice you can be given is stated in the title. Surround yourself with like minded individuals. People don’t realize the impact that this single phrase can have on your life. If you take the time to reevaluate yourself and your daily choices, you will find that a large portion of the decisions you make everyday are influenced by another person in some way or another.
One scenario that just about anyone can relate to is weight training and health management. Everyone remembers at least one time in their lives when they decided to eat healthier meals and get in shape. This drive didn’t just magically sprout internally, whether you want to admit it or not. Chances are you compared your body to that of another person and felt a sense of inferiority. This gave rise to your realization and determination to be like or better than that athlete or active individual. You can see this happening all across the nation during the late winter and early spring season. Over and over and over again year after year, there will be people who try to follow trends. They see all of these products advertising to reward them with that “summer body”, but that very same person always fails. If perseverance exists, then why does this process of failure repeat itself annually? These same individuals are missing an important step. Surrounding themselves with others who have the same goal in mind. Think about your work ethics within the gym. Unless you are a hardcore personal trainer, chances are you aren’t going to work as hard when someone isn’t watching. We are all guilty of the fact, but if you are determined to make a change, then you must find a way to eliminate your weaknesses.
Like minded individuals strengthen your overall goal no matter whatever you do. It’s like living up to a higher standard than your best friend could ever hold you up to. These like minded individuals can be looked to as friends who specialize in your field of self improvement. Although, your closest friends may have good intentions, chances are that they do not share your goals. Visualize the friend that you would watch movies with compared to the one that spends their nights in the gym. The first friend may be aware that you are working for a healthier lifestyle, but probably won’t be inviting you to workout as often as the friend with healthier habits and similar goals.
Surrounding yourself with people that share your goals does not mean that you must drop your old friends. Its simply like adding a new book to the shelf. You will have more knowledge at your fingertips, but won’t prevent you from reading from your old collection–if that makes sense. Be wise about who you allow to influence your life, and learn to spend more time around those who will inspire you to work harder towards your goals everyday. If you found this post helpful, please Like, Share, and Subscribe for more content and advice!


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