Understanding Akismet Spam Protection

Akismet is a WordPress plugin that protects your blog against several forms of spam. For a blogger or website owner, Akismet can prove to be your best friend. As you build up your website to attract more daily visitors, you may notice that your site starts to spark conversation under posts. Although this is healthy activity for your search engine ranking(seo), unnecessary comments could hurt your website and cause it to lose trust between major internet authorities, like Google or Bing.
These unnecessary comments are known as spam. On your blog posts and articles, spam will consist of random comments that are often advertising a product for another site. The comments are usually made with an automated system, which publishes across several blogs, forums, and social media platforms. Think of comment spam as a parasite for your website, which is food for the big search engines. Google, and others, have the technology to notice when a site is receiving an influx of attention that is not legit. When Google finds a site or blog filled with spam, they are going to virtually throw it out. In other words your site will be given a poor ranking so that daily google searches are not directed to your site.
With the use of Akismet, your blog will be protected from spam through a system that will carefully analyse comments before publishing them. If a comment fails inspection, it will be placed in a spam file, waiting for your approval or deletion. By filtering out the comment spam, your site will only receive real, meaningful comments. Each of these comments will help boost your seo ranking and make your site more available to other google users.


Within the Dashboard of your WP Admin, you will find your Akismet stats. Here you will be provided with a chart, similar to the one above, that shows exactly how many and what types of comments your site is receiving. Comment spam, that has automatically been blocked by Akismet, is represented with the yellow bar and a numeric value underneath the chart. Following “spam”, you will see ham. Ham, displayed by the green bar, simply represents all of the comments that where marked as legitimate, not spam. Missed spam shows the comments that were marked as spam by you with an orange bar. These comments were not caught by Akismet. Finally, in blue, you have the false positives. False positive consists of all of the legit comments that Akismet originally marked as spam or are needing approval. The total accuracy of your Akismet plugin, out of 100%, can be found under the accuracy rate column.
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