Creating a Domain Name with Namecheap


One of the most important aspects of creating a website, blog, or online store is purchasing a domain name ahead of time. If you are unsure what a website domain is, it’s simply your website name displayed as www. yourdomainname .com. Your site url can end with the most common .com or other well known top level domains(TDLs) like .net, depending on availability.
There are a few big reasons as to why you would want to buy a domain name before even starting your site or blog. Everyday, new domain names are being purchased and becoming less and less available. Some people even have a habit of collecting multiple domains at a time! If you put off purchasing your domain you may suffer by losing your desired url to someone else. Even worse, you would most likely start building your site off of an unattractive, preset domain name, which may give your viewers a bad first impression. In case you are worried that domains are expensive, then I can assure you that they are actually as cheap as a name tag. I purchased my domain name from namecheap for about $10/year. That’s only $0.83/month!
If you have or are planning to start a website, I highly recommend that you decide on a few name options early on so that you can check the domain name availability. If it’s available, go ahead and purchase it for future use. If not, mold the name until it is unique and pleases you. The moment I thought of the perfect name for my blog, I wrote it down to research it later. Namecheap informed me that it was available and I purchased it a week before even starting the blog. I have personally been using Namecheap for over a year and have been more than happy with their service!



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