How to: Getting Sponsorship for Your Blog

The goal of just about every blogger when they first decide to start blogging is to obtain sponsorship. Even if you haven’t exactly thought of seeking sponsorship, it is a sought after path in the topic of making money with it. Blogs can make money on the internet in just about anyway possible. The most common ways are earning ad revenue or selling a product through an affiliate program. Ad revenue, most commonly through Google Ads, can provide a blog with a decent amount of income starting out, depending on the total amount of traffic to your site. A sponsor can make the biggest difference in your blogs income.

Attracting a Sponsor

One of the easiest ways to obtain sponsorship is by attracting them. A sponsor is going to look for blogs and websites that are attracting a decent sized audience. If you blog has been active for awhile and continuously growing in popularity and size, a sponsor will be more than happy to pay to have their product or service displayed on your website. Think about how much Facebook has grown. You can pay them to advertise your page with ease and millions of people choose to do so in order to grow their businesses.

Seeking a Sponsor

Seeking a sponsor directly will not promise you the sponsorship. Think of it as applying for a job. You have to email or contact them directly and layout what you have to offer. If you have a sizable audience on your blog, but have not yet been contacted by a sponsor, you will want to show them the statistics of your sites viewers. Sponsors want to see numbers and a heat map of your site that tells where exactly most people are clicking and navigating.
Once you have accepted this, you should only seek out relevant companies and products. If you have a website about Photography, you should look for new and old companies that sell camera’s and equipment. If your website gives information on blogging and similar activities, you will want to sponsor various web hosts and domain distributors.

Keeping Your Sponsor

Your sponsor is your client. Make sure to thank and promote your top sponsors in an actual blog post every now and then. Provide them with updates on how well your site is performing and treat them well. If you refuse to deliver on your promises, they probably won’t be returning when it comes time to renew their sponsorship. Feel free to comment any suggestions or advice that I may have left out!
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