Networking: The Importance of Connections

Networking is one of the most important skills that you can learn in life. The sooner you master it, the more helpful it can become. Networking can come in many forms from social events to clubs. The more you put yourself out their, the greater networking possibilities you will be exposed to.
As mentioned, networking can happen just about anywhere. It is the process of interacting with people in order to exchange information and develop new connections or contact that can be used to help one’s future career. With the proper connections, you have the ability to achieve goals and make things happen at a much faster rate than the typical person. Typically, in order to establish reliable connections, you are going to want good ties with the people you meet. For a high school football player, a solid relationship with the coaching staff may reward you with more exposure to college scouts. For an inspiring entrepreneur, a trustworthy mentor may give you the opportunity to meet other well established entrepreneurs that you could only dream of meeting. Below are three places that offer the best time for networking to build your relations and connections.

Social Events

Chances are there are many people who share the same passions as you. If your goal is to publish your first book, attending book releases and conferences may offer you the opportunity to get advice from new and old authors. On top of that, the other people who are also tending the same event will likely be or have been in the same position as you. Don’t be afraid to mingle, converse, and exchange advice with others around you.


You can honestly build connections online almost effortlessly. If you own a Facebook or twitter, connecting with someone simply requires a simply message introducing yourself. The only problem is that many people tend to ignore random messages. LinkedIn was made to ease this process. You profile is dedicated toward establishing followers with the same interests as you. They provide an easy to use platform that allows you to establish new connections as well as be discovered by employers.

Clubs and Groups

Book Clubs offer the perfect setting for someone to meet other book enthusiasts, but this may not be helpful to the typical person. If you are young, you may want to consider joining a college fraternity or sorority. These can offer lifelong connections with your closest class mates and people whom you have never met before. When you find a fellow brother or sister in the world, they will likely be able to help you in the search for mentors and stronger connections within your profession.




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