Limit Distraction: Optimizing Your Progress

Distractions are always around us and are constantly preventing ourselves from accomplishing our goals. If you are serious about getting things done, you must identify the source of procrastination. Once you know what’s hindering your success, you can begin to make changes that support the amount of progress you make everyday.
It does not matter what you do in life, there are still going to be distractions. Personally we may not struggle with identifying distractions. Instead we find ourselves having trouble with admitting distractions. If you claim that you don’t have the time to get something done during the day, you need to carefully reevaluate your daily activities. If part of your day is dedicated towards an activity that is not productive towards your goals, then you need to find the strength to substituent the time in order to further progress. Personally, I used to love playing games during my “free time”. At first, I tried to substitute this time for watching TV, which was obviously counterproductive. Finally, I decided to put aside the television all together. It wasn’t until this time that I found several hours of my day free up. To a blogger, several hours in one day is enough time to get a while week’s worth of work done.
In order to ensure that you are optimizing the time allotted towards your goals, make sure to subtract any hidden distractions from the equation. These distractions may be something as simple as your iPhone or an open tab in your computer. Obviously, having your cell phone laying out in front of you can be tempting. Learn to put aside unimportant conversations during your period of progression. Similar to having your phone in front of you, an open tab can serve as an indirect distraction for those who are working from their laptop or desktop. Think about the numerous times that you have left the Facebook tab open and have seen a new notification pop up. Its extremely hard to not want to quickly check it. A problem that I have trouble with to this day is exploring on YouTube. They have a personalized discovery system that automatically displays videos that you are known to have great interest in, leading you to watch them, virtually against your will.
Once you develop the healthy habit of identifying and limiting distractions, you will be surprised at how productive you can be. My only advice that you should keep in mind after freeing up your schedule is to not become complacent. You will find yourself amazed at your amount of progress and may actually be far ahead of schedule. Don’t let this steer your away from making further progress. Continue to get ahead of the game and you will feel much less pressed for time!




  1. This is very true regarding how “I’m so busy” can actually translate to “I’m actually quite distracted right now. This video game is too awesome!” Lol. I make it a point to turn my cell off when I’m working or it makes a perfect distraction tool, as well. You have some wise words to keep in mind!

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