Failure is Not Necessarily a Bad Option

Similar to the concept of success, failure has developed several false connotations. Hearing the word, your body may automatically receive bad vibes. Naturally we all try to avoid it at all costs, but what many don’t realize is that failure is not always a bad thing. This gives rise to the entrepreneurial mind set.
If you have ever played a sport, you can relate directly to how we are taught to deal with failure. Simply try again! Just because you fail to succeed your first time, does not mean that you aren’t good enough. Maybe at the moment, you lacked the experience, but look for the good in failure. It serves as a stepping stone in the lake of life.
No matter what your profession is, you are going to encounter adversity. I continuously use the example of an entrepreneur because they are the masters in overcoming obstacles. Entrepreneurs have to virtually build themselves up from little to nothing. Scavenging for resources and wisdom, they are on their own and their actions show direct correlation with their future. So what exactly differentiates an entrepreneur from a true failure? How they handle new, challenging situations. An entrepreneur expects and is never afraid of failure. When they “fail”, they use the situation to their own advantage by learning and building on it. The ending result is a more intelligent person. Lower on the podium, you will find the true failures. These are those that refuse to try something because they are fearful of not succeeding the first time. If you are always told that your singing voice is beautiful but are too afraid to show the world, your talent will go to waste and you will automatically fail by not ever trying.


  1. Couldn’t agree more! Failures are great. We get reference experience and if we actually fail we can not spend doing that thing anymore. Better to fail right away when we’re not that invested to the outcome than to spend a lot of energy into something and see it all fade away.

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