Ideal Blog Post Length for Seo

A major concern that many new bloggers and entrepreneurs stumble upon is determining how to properly format their blog posts. When writing a paper for your professor, you were provided with strict guidelines that laid out how long the ideal paper should be. Blogging follows a similar system since you are trying to provide your viewers with a post that they will be more interested in reading. This should be your focus instead of trying to please search engines like Google. In doing so, your blog post will begin to set the standard by showing up with high rankings. Don’t create systematic posts that readers wouldn’t enjoy. Focus on writing to please your audience with helpful information that is easy to comprehend and follow. You will be rewarded with better seo results in the long run.
So how long should the ideal blog post be? In short, it depends on what type of blog you are running. If it is your working on a poetry blog, chances are you are using a theme that allows for longer posts that will require less scrolling. If your blog is more on the side of a review platform, you may want to keep the posts shorter. The average blog post can range from 300- 600 words. As long as you stay within that range, your posts will do fine.
Make sure to keep your posting consistent and precise. People will enjoy your site so much more if they can rely on the fact that you are going to publish a new blog post at a specific time daily or weekly. On top of that, if they can easily estimate how long your post is going to be, they will know when exactly they have time to squeeze in a reading. If you follow, you will have noticed that the majority of their blog posts take about the same amount of time to read. Many of their articles are also short and sweet, without sacrificing quality.



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