The True Definition of Success




Above are the search results to one of our worlds most debated questions. One word makes the difference in the search result numbers. If you Google search the definition of success, over 500 million search results catered towards the rich and prosperous will be displayed. Doing another search, you will find a topic that has 500 million less search results. The TRUE definition of success is much less defined. We are all raised into a world that is constantly ran by money. You truly can’t go a day without thinking about your last purchase or an upcoming order. We are always judged by the car we drive and our apparent lifestyle as opposed to our milestones and good deeds. We often have trouble with wrapping our minds around the concept of success.
Imagine that you won the recent $1.6 billion powerball lottery. You now have access to virtually anything your heart could desire. You buy all the fancy cars and clothes, but how do you respond when people ask about you. You didn’t earn the money yourself so would it be morally right to call yourself successful? It would be better to say that you were lucky. So with that in mind, does having more money than you could ever count define success?
Google defines success as the attainment of popularity or profit. The problem is that you honestly can’t put a number on reaching success. Doing so would simply be the achievement of a goal. Everyone wants to become rich someday but we fail at not specifying how rich. What tends to happen is that after someone makes their first million dollars, they find that they are still not satisfied. To the average middle class family making $100,000 a year, the 6th digit seems like more than enough to make them smile. If you look even deeper, to the people who are struggling to survive, a middle class lifestyle does not seem bad at all. By now, you should have realized that we define our own success. Everyone has a different view on it and therefore, success cannot be clearly explained or attached to numbers. On the other hand, if we tie this concept to happiness, when can actually come to a conclusion of how one becomes “successful”. Decide on what exactly your purpose and goals are in life and only then will you be able to say that you have became successful with satisfaction.




  1. Great point! Success is subjective. In my opinion the ultimate success in life is self-mastery. It’s the foundation to anything else. If we’re in control of ourselves then we can accomplish anything and make ourselves and others that much more happier.

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