Blogging: Finding Royalty Free Images

Although you were often taught to avoid using images within literature, blogging requires them. Blogging is a different style of writing that requires you to conform to the desire of your audience in order to retain their attention. If you find a 3 page blog post or article that has little to no images at all, you will likely exit the page and move on to the next blog. Your readers, in today’s day and age, are great at multitasking in order to live a fast paced lifestyle. When looking for information or reading through a blog, they want an attractive post, with an image or two, followed by what you have to say.  Finding the proper image for each blog post can be fairly challenging at times. You must decide on what type of image you want and either take it yourself or find a royalty free image. Images that are not royalty free are subject to copyright infringement. In other words, a big fine. To avoid these fines, you want to find royalty free images that you can use on your blog worry free. Although there are several databases that will aid you in finding all of your desired royalty free images, I will give my top three favorites.

– Pixabay


– Gratisography


– Splitshire


All of the listed sites provide an easy to navigate database with a variety of photos, mostly royalty free, catered to your specified needs. Simply type in the key word for the photo you desire, choose, and download. It is much more faster and safer than using Google Images while also providing you with the quality of real photographers.

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