Dressing for Success

The way in which you dress has been scientifically proven to effect how productive you can be. If you go to class wearing the very same pajama pants that you slept in the previous night, you are going to have a high chance of falling asleep. If you compare them to the student that comes to class looking “spiffy”, the cleaner looking student will most likely be more attentive and productive in their work. This has pushed many schools and work establishments to require a standard attire. Instead of looking at attire as a hindrance, look at the bright sides of it and learn how to go above without necessarily going beyond.
Dressing nice does not always mean you must wear a suit and tie. Think about attire in three different levels. Using business as a platform, you have the option to keep it casual, business casual, or strictly business. Think of casual as the standard for your workplace or university. Strictly business would be composed of a suit and tie for  a special event or get together. If you can find a decent middle ground between the two, which could be known as business casual, you will be able to impress without being that one person to overdress.

First Impressions

First impressions mean the world to how others view your character. What you will find that separates two individuals is how one dresses all the time as opposed to only on special occasions, like an interview or meeting. If you want to make an everlasting impression on your peers, consistently dressing nice will help you do so.

Shop for Your Future and Goals

Some of the best advice I have been given was to shop for your future goals. This doesn’t mean to go spend a million dollars on a watch you can’t afford, but instead look to get used to the style. You don’t necessarily need to follow a specific name brand in order to obtain a certain style or look. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, start off by changing your wardrobe into that of an entrepreneur. Adapting the style of the future early on will help speed up the process. Constantly dressing with the entrepreneurial casual attire will hammer the entrepreneur mindset into your head, and effect your lifestyle in a positive way.


If you have the funds, Nordstrom can be one of your best friends. They always provide help within the dressing room that is personalized to your taste, occasion, and size. Nordstrom makes the process of picking the perfect outfits to mix and match a whole lot easier. All you need to do is tell them what  you are looking for and they will bring you various outfits to try on in order to try something new or quickly narrow down your search.


Depending on what style your actually looking to achieve, a “business casual” appearance is not hard to put together. A simple button down shirt and brown dress shoes or boots can go a long way with endless possibilities that fit your taste while still providing a clean cut look.
 As mentioned above, sticking to a simple style that goes above without going beyond can go a long way. People will look at you more highly after seeing that you care about your image more that attention. You will set an example for others and will also be more productive in whatever you do, knowing that you look good.

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