Unique Blog Ideas: Finding a Niche

The most important aspect of creating a successful blog is finding something to blog about. The problem many people suffer with is trying to stick with a “YouTube” blogging style. If you are going to be blogging about your daily activities, you may find it a lot harder to grow an audience than if you did the same on YouTube, where the activity would be known as video blogging or vlogging. A blog usually serves as a home for your thoughts and opinions to roam freely. In the process of building an audience for your blog, you must focus on a narrowed down niche.

What Interests You?

The first step to having a successful blog is to focus on finding a topic that actually interests you. Although you may want to write about a trending topic, you have to plan for the future. Will you become bored of the topic and decide to quit? If you blog about something that you would enjoy to write about daily then you won’t have a problem with running out of ideas in the future.

Dig Deeper

You already know what you want to blog about so it’s imperative that you narrow down you topics. The broader your post, the less likely you are to start obtaining traffic. If you want to start a blog on website generation, instead of focusing on the whole idea, start off talking about a single aspect like choosing the proper theme for your website. If you want to dig even deeper, write about choosing the perfect theme for your product review site. The more specific you are, the better chance your site or blog has of getting discovered.

Pre Schedule Your Blog Posts and Articles

Scheduling your posts ahead of time can determine the actual level of success that your blog or website obtains. It keeps you from procrastinating, which we all do. Spend 4 days out of the week to create at least one unique blog post or article. Combine that posting schedule with one day out of the week where you write multiple posts. Schedule all of these articles into the future for a consistent time of the day and move on to the next one.
Following the first two steps will ensure you that your blog is unique and isn’t constantly fighting with already popular competition. Even if your topic is already well known, strive to become THE Expert at a portion of it that others are not. As long as you start of in a low competition niche, you will have the opportunity to expand as broad as you want in the long run.

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