Our Life is a Cracker Barrel Peg Puzzle

I got to thinking about Cracker Barrel and the triangle peg game that I always found fun and challenging. I thought about how many times I would fall short from leaving only 1 Peg standing. Whether there was 5 left or just 2, I wanted to finish with the last one standing and enjoy that brief moment of accomplishment. Thinking about that moment today, I feel it represents our lives in ways that we may have never thought of!
When you set your mind to it, you find a way to get things done. I would love to have known how to beat the peg puzzle on my own, but that could have taking multiple trips to Cracker Barrel, and relying solely on luck. I thought about looking on the internet to find out how to beat it, but I still refused to. I thought that if I looked up solutions to the game, my friends would say I cheated if we ever ended up playing. On the other hand, I would be able to identify their faults and help them whenever needed. In life, although much more complex than a wood board with 14 pegs, we often find ourselves in the same situation. Struggling to solve a problem even though the answer is right in front of us. We fall short by not taking that one extra step to solve our problems.
The pride of doing something ourselves often overpowers our sense of, well, commonsense. Sometimes a shortcut is not bad. Would you rather live the typical life and retire at the age of 50 or do the research in order to acquire the funds that allow you retire by the age of 30? If you are smart, you would want to make enough to retire as soon as possible so that you can enjoy the untapped freedoms of life while you’re still young. We all dream of this amazing, youthful life of wealth, but do we do anything to make that happen? You’re not going to get rich while young from working the typical job, that’s for sure. Do the extra that others refuse to “waste the time” doing. Read a book by someone who has done what you desire. It is not illegal to steal knowledge and use it to your best abilities. If you take 30 minutes out of every day to learn about Warren Buffet, I guarantee that you will begin to apply that knowledge without even realizing it. If you surround yourself with like minded individuals and role models, you will receive insights that others will never “have the time” to discover. Take the time to do the research, get a mentor and find out how to exactly reach your goals. Simply dreaming isn’t paying the bills. Miracles do happen, but don’t rely on them to magically appear. Be different and do what others take for granted. The world is your Cracker Barrel so learn how to solve your peg puzzle to make your dreams a reality.

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