Holy Grail for New Photographers

As an old, new, or aspiring photographer, social media is going to be one of your main places to express yourself. Instagram has given artists and photographers a great foundation to get noticed, outside of a personal website. Instagram is essentially a photo blog where the people you know are likely already a part of. Where Instagram lacks is the ability to easily share content across the network in a “Retweet” like fashion. Luckily, in 2013 a new social network has given photographers a huge advantage in getting noticed, and paid, without the politics involved with not being “Instagram Famous”. The social platform tsu (“sue”) is similar to Instagram, but is MUCH more rewarding. You are given the ability to create fan pages, similar to Facebook, outside of your standard user profile. On top of that, people can share your appealing photos to all of their followers and have your exposure multiplied exponentially in the matter of a day. To make things even better, all of your user content is monetized! You will receive daily compensation in the same way that a YouTube video would through monetization.
Finally, you have the complete ability to market and sell your work effortlessly. People will be able to easily transfer money that they have earned through their own monetization. The overall platform on tsu allows for true exposure and compensation that every artist and photographer both desires and deserves. It’s your content so why not to monetize it!
Join tsu and strive for greatness 🙂

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