2016 Blogging Tips For Startups

When you are starting you first blog or a new one for your startup online business, you are going to want to approach your blog in a different way than what was known as “the standard” for previous years. The internet is advancing. Search engines are going through upgrades in their ranking logarithms. Your target audience will be seeking more up-to-date knowledge. The old methods used to consist of stuffing as many keywords into your website as possible. The reason behind doing so was the outdated search engines based their ranking logarithms by how often a keyword appeared in an article so that people would have access to more relevant articles, faster. As people began to manipulate the system, search engines like google were forced to strengthen the ranking process. Now a websites that focus on quality, as opposed to the quantity of keyword use, have been giving an extreme advantage.
We all still want our blogs to be discovered in google and there has never been a better time than 2016 to do so. The quality of your blog determines the success of your business two years from now. Look to help rather than sell when you start out. Building trust and a reputation within your audience is priceless. You will obtain returning visitors who won’t hesitate to take your suggestions and product recommendations.This audience will also spread the word of your site by mouth and through social media, which can be looked at as free advertising. With a naturally growing site, Google will reward you with a great, reliable ranking. If you try to manipulate the system for a high google ranking without delivering the quality, your site will suffer from a high bounce rate, which will drive the blog back into the ground before you know it.
So if your a new or existing blogger and looking to improve your site in 2016, simply follow the blogging tips above. Your startup and/or existing online business will benefit so much more when you decide to give your posts and articles value. Look to help those who take the time to read your articles and they will spread the word.


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