Disadvantages of a 9 to 5 Lifestyle

A major part of our lives is dedicated to our occupations. We use the first sixteen years of our lives to prepare us for the process of applying for our first part time job. The next six are geared towards obtaining our first, degree based, full time job. By this time, we are bombarded with student loan debt and the challenges and realities of adulthood. Working a 9 to 5 has been set as the standard and associated with a successful lifestyle, but many still do not feel satisfied even after being lucky enough to get this far in the work force.


Due to tight shifts, annoying coworkers, and insufficient pay, many struggle with the burden of stress. When you are constantly battling with paying bills by living paycheck-to-paycheck, poor working conditions begin to make you feel enslaved by your own job. You are not crazy to desire a higher pay and will always hope for more than your job will be able to provide. Put yourself in the position of a business owner. You have a fleet of workers with a systematic way of doing pay roll. If you decide to pay everyone what they want, your business will suffer financial issues and a dramatic effect of employee complacency .

Job Security

Our schools paint a wonderful picture that makes us think that a job will always available and even more reliable than not being employed. The truth is you’re wrong. Unless you are legally guaranteed ‘x’ amount of years of employment, your job will always be at risk. A simple change in the economy could put your job at stake overnight and leave you laid off and possibly forced to move to another state.


One of the more obvious setbacks of working a 9 to 5 is the pay. Although one job may pay more than another, there is going to come a time when this isn’t enough to take care of expenses or give you the lifestyle that you desire. Look at employment as the common way to establish income. If you want a job that will give you financial freedom, step out of the norm and learn from those who have made this dream come true. You will find one thing in common. They have a diversified stream of income, part of which they have established on their own. In other words, they have become an entrepreneur of some form and made smart decisions to reach their financial goals.

Lack of Freedom

Working a 9 to 5 obviously places you on a strict schedule throughout the week when you are under the command of a boss. This isn’t all bad, but you are limited to the amount of freedom that you have on a given day. Eight hours is enough time to get a lot done and come closer to fulfilling any of your goals, but simply clocking in and out all the time are just baby steps in respect to big ambitions.
If you find any of this true and work feels like a burden, consider being your own boss by starting something new. It takes dedication and hard work in the beginning, but can surely pay off in the long run. You will have a much more flexible schedule and your financial capabilities are limitless.




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