Accomplishing Your Goals: A Change in Mentality

When it comes to getting something done, we all like to set goals. We often fail at actually accomplishing them. You have to ask yourself if you are honestly doing EVERYTHING to insure your own personal success. Fully accomplishing a goal requires a total change in mentality. If you think that you have already obtained that mindset then you are wrong. You would have already fulfilled that goal and moved on to the next one. By definition, a goal is a desired result that requires you to take action. What it takes to successfully accomplish a goal can vary depending on how big or small you scale it to be. On a broader perspective, if you point out your flaws and the obstacles that prevent you from reaching a milestone, you will be able to pave a path to follow that guarantees success.


1. Identify the Obstacles

Without addressing your weaknesses and areas that you struggle in most, you will be bombarded by adversity and driven to failure. If you want to loose weight, you are going to have to face your current eating habits, lack of physical conditioning, and the days when you don’t feel like moving a muscle. Going into weight training blind of the obstacles is like wanting to become an officer or marine without knowing there will be rigorous training involved.
The people whom we surround our selves with daily can be the biggest hindrance to meeting our goals. A fool proof key to success is surrounding yourself with like minded individuals. Doing this can hurt you if not applied correctly. Your current friends are more likely than not already like minded, which is why they are your friends. On the other hand if you take your goals into account, they are most likely far from being like minded. Not everyone has the same goals, but it has been proven that if you surround yourself with people who share or have already accomplished your goal, you are more likely to do what it takes to accomplish it. You can achieve this by seeking a mentor, personal trainer, or just somebody that has the same ambitions as you.

2. Plan to make Changes

This is the easy part. Simply take the obstacles and weaknesses that you identified and build a plan to tackle them head on! Don’t be afraid to ask around for a mentor or invest in your own success by obtaining a personal trainer. Make some new friends that will naturally be willing to push you and ensure that you stay on task. Having a workout buddy is extremely beneficial for those mornings when you refuse to get up. They will be the one to give you the extra drive and support that you need to reach success.
Having a mentor is a very powerful resource. They have already accomplished your goal and know what challenges to expect. They will be able to guide you, almost magically, to achieving successful results and will provide you with all of the inspiration and support that you need to stay motivated. If you’re an inspiring entrepreneur, start by reading a few books written by successful business men and entrepreneurs. They specialize in accomplishing goals and have published books to help propel you to success.

3. Follow Through

The last and most important step to accomplishing your goal is to follow through. You can have all of the knowledge, technology, and money in the world and still fail if you refuse to apply it in your life. Learn to take notes, track your progress, and hold yourself accountable! Don’t get mad at an author because you didn’t lose any weight after reading 10 books. You must be willing to implement the knowledge and advice into your life every single day. You will know if you have honestly put your heart into accomplishing your goals because you will start seeing results and improvements.
Whether you choose to take my advice or not is completely up to you.  What I do ask of you is to ask yourself a simple question.
“Did I honestly put in 100% towards my goal yesterday?”
If you hesitate to answer, ask yourself what could you have done better or differently that would have ensured that you be one step closer to the completion of your goal. Doing this everyday will push you to be honest with yourself. If you feel guilty for not having a 100% Day, promise yourself that tomorrow, and the days that follow, you will!





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